“I absolutely Love my Comfeet! My feet were always cold and now I’m warm and happy, Thanks Comfeet”.                                                     Sarah

They're Always Cold

It seems like my feet are always cold

They Won't Stay Covered Up

No matter what, our feet never stay covered

Don't Get Colfeitis (cole-fe-itis)

Have you or a loved one ever suffered from colfeitis (col- fe- itis)? 

Its a serious disorder where no matter how hard you try to keep all your body parts under the blanket, and no matter how big the blanket is, your little piggies seem to never have enough room so they’re always left out in the cold. Always tucking your feet back under the blanket, or trying to warm them on your partner while constantly re-arranging and moving the blanket to try to thaw the deep freeze on your toes and feet.

Introducing The Comfeet Blanket

Comfeet is made with supersoft breathable fleece and have been designed for your legs and feet to never be left out in the cold again. 

Not like other footsie blankets with only “foot pockets” where you are still struggling to keep your feet in under wraps and positioned just right so your feet do not fall out of pocket. The Comfeet Blanket was designed to move with your legs and feet. Never to be left out.

Relax watching TV, reading a book, or just getting comfortable on the sofa for that well-deserved naptime. However, you use The Comfeet Blanket sitting up, relaxed in a recliner or just laying down The Comfeet Blanket is made with super soft polar fleece and hand sewn in America, delivered right to your door ready for your next nap, The Comfeet Blanket gives you unrestricted freedom to move without leaving your feet in the cold.

With the freedom to move about, without exposing your toes to the cold, you get personal comfort from head to toe The Comfeet Blanket will be your new sleep partner. The Comfeet was designed for YOUR personal warmth so others can stay cool, so no more fighting over the heater controls.

You will never want to leave home without The Comfeet Blanket. The Comfeet folds itself into a travel pillow, small enough to carry about…

When your Comfeet needs a washing, ijust slip Comfeet into its own custom sized laundry bag to keep your Comfeet new over the years. The Comfeet Bag keeps your Comfeet from “piling” and loosing materials. Keeping it soft with every wash and dry, time over time.

“My roommate always has the heat down in our apartment because says she is always hot and I’m freezing, Thanks Comfeet! I can work at my desk or set and watch TV without my feet and legs being cold”.                                                                                                                                   Adrian


“I already have a Comfeet Blanket and that’s why I’m not cold Adrian!”


Details About Comfeet

Comfeet Travels

Comfeet Pocket

Comfeet Laundry Bag

Don't Walk or Play in Your Comfeet

The Comfeet Blanket is Amazing  because not only does it keep you warm but it can fold into itself making a wonderful pillow for those long flights where Comfeet doubles as a blanket with legs and a pillow – Wow, how great is that! You will never need a bag to stuff Comfeet in like other blankets.

Are you tired of always hearing “Honey I can’t find the Remote” or “Have you seen my Phone” right when you’re in the middle of the movie or TV show that you have been waiting to see! The Comfeet fixes that problem with its convenient front pocket where you can place all of those items that are always being miss place and looked for at the worst times.   

To enjoy your Comfeet Blanket for years to come, we suggest that you use a laundry bag when washing your Comfeet. The Comfeet Laundry Bag is large enough to hold your Comfeet Blanket and keep it from bunching up in the wash.  

Your Comfeet Blanket is designed for reclining and relaxing. It is a stationary product and is not designed or recommended for walking, running or any mobile activities while wearing  – using  your Comfeet Blanket. Please visit the Comfeet Caution Page for more information. 

What People Are Saying About Comfeet

Hundreds of people are enjoying life more because they are sleeping better, having fun watching their favorite TV shows and just being warm together.

Thank You Comfeet For Keeping My Feet and Legs Warm!

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