About Us

About Us


Over 20 Sq Ft Of Comfort

The Comfeet Blanket was created by a group of new friends who had an idea and went to the last friend Eddy Pham who was in product development and worked on so many brands we all see on TV.

A design came to fruition which can fold into itself and become a pillow. Originally, we had a “pillowcase” like cover and kept misplacing it when we wore the Comfeet Blanket. Eddy came up with the idea to have it fold into itself and become its own pillow to carry, place on couch or just travel with.

We tested numerous fabrics and wanted to have something which was going to be affordable and extremely soft. We collectively came up with Minky Sherpa. We are working with a factory in Los Angeles, CA to supply the fabrics and another cut and sew house in Los Angeles to finish the product.

We are proud we can employ numerous people to work on the Comfeet Products line. The Comfeet Blanket is our introduction to all who will enjoy it, cozy up and just keep the breeze from your little toes and fight Colfeitis™ (cold-feet-itus)

We had learned through this process that the Comfeet Blanket is truly utilitarian and not novelty. We had donated many units to rehabilitation centers to give to persons in wheelchairs. We were told the Comfeets help keep circulation in the persons legs so they stay warmer. We were so glad we did this. The same came from nursing homes which we donated units to for persons who are bed ridden. They loved that they did not have to keep tucking their old blanket under their legs. The last thing we learned was that persons with diabetes need to keep their legs and feet covered so they can build circulation, we were glad we were able to donate a few to friends and family members who could use it.

Now we are building a brand to introduce Comfeet family of products which are focused on lower extremity health.

Thank you all for taking the time to get to know us a little better.

Eddy Pham